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When you think of realizing your trade fair projects, think of more than just exhibition stands. Think about a partnership that brings your vision to life.

Welcome to us, where your ideas and needs take center stage.

Our crew is not just a group of professionals, but a dedicated team of architects, designers and technicians. Each of us brings a unique set of skills and experience to transform your projects into something extraordinary.

We are not only experts, but also learners. Our employees are continuously trained, not only in the areas of design and competitive pricing of exhibition stands, but also in the art of accompanying stand and live marketing campaigns, individual customer care and the promotion of harmonious cooperation.

But what really drives us is our passion for your goals. We understand that your trade show presence is more than just a stand; it's your opportunity to showcase and impress your brand. We are here to understand your ideas and work with you to develop the best possible solution.

Our doors are always open to discuss your individual wishes and respond personally to your needs. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Let us work together on your success. We look forward to advising you personally and competently, making your dreams come true and helping you to shine in the world of trade fairs and events.




Bernd Freiter

Head of RocketExpo Projektmanagement

+49 (0) 2472 - 9910 25


Bernd is a master carpenter and businessman by trade. Thanks to his expertise in the trade and strong customer focus, he supports his project team not only in ongoing trade fair projects. His particular focus is on supporting new business customers from the very beginning, right through to the finished exhibition stand. Design, calculation, execution, post-processing - in our agile times, all work processes have to be questioned again and again. By working closely together, Bernd puts his heart and soul into ensuring that innovation and efficiency at RocketExpo are always at the highest level. You can see Bernd in the swimming pool at half past six in the morning: as a competitive swimmer, he has always remained true to his favorite sport. "When a daring request from a customer results in a finished exhibition stand: what could be better? This job is so varied, I can't imagine any other. The exhibition stand can only be good if the focus is on the customer's goal. Fortunately, we can also make the customer's success measurable. The digital transformation has long since found its way into trade fair construction and we live it in the interests of our customers.

Rocketexpo Team Dirk Jansen

Dirk Jansen

Projektmanagement & Design

+49 (0) 2472 - 9910 22 dirk.jansen@wwm.de

Dirk holds a degree in architecture from Aachen University of Applied Sciences and has been with WWM as a senior project manager since 2013. he loves traveling to faraway countries, whether it's Israel, Canada or Asia - he always welcomes different ways of life and different views. He likes to incorporate this openness into his concepts and solutions for customers.

Rocketexpo Team Torsten Lorenzen

Torsten Lorenzen

Projektmanagement & Design

+49 (0) 2472 - 9910 24 torsten.lorenzen@wwm.de

Torsten has been working at RocketExpo since 2006. What he particularly likes about his work is the design and project planning of trade fair concepts, where close cooperation with his customers, contacts and colleagues is important to him. The diversity of the trade fair construction industry means that his work never gets boring.

Thomas Schuetz

Thomas Schütz

Projektmanagement & Design

+49 (0) 2472 - 9910 35 thomas.schuetz@wwm.de

Thomas has been part of the RocketExpo team since 2015. The trained master carpenter and craftsman designer learned the trade fair business from scratch at WWM and now manages his own projects as a passionate project manager. He is highly committed to implementing customers' wishes and always has an innovative idea for THE eye-catcher in his repertoire. As an absolute family man, Thomas spends a lot of his free time with his loved ones and when it's time to get sporty, you can see Thomas on the soccer pitch, either as an active player or as a fan: ALEMANNIA Aachen-you never walk alone.

Eduard Geraskin

Eduard Geraskin

Projektmanagement & Design

+49 (0) 2472 - 9910 43 eduard.geraskin@wwm.de

Rocketexpo Michelle Vollrath

Michelle Vollrath


+49 (0) 2472 - 9910 45 michelle.vollrath@wwm.de

Michelle has been designing, constructing and planning individual exhibition stands for Rocketexpo customers since March 2017. The qualified product designer has a particularly good eye for details - such as unusual exhibit presentations. Her free time is less planned: Michelle can really relax on spontaneous road trips to the sea in a small car and tent.

Rocketexpo Marvin Ruddies

Marvin Ruddies


+49 (0) 2472 - 9910 66 marvin.ruddies@wwm.de

After graduating from high school, Marvin knew one thing for sure: he wanted to start his career in the world of design.So he came across RocketExpo while looking for an apprenticeship. Marvin is particularly fascinated by the diversity of the various trade fair stands.In his free time, music plays a major role in Marvin's life. As a professional drummer, he accompanies a band at their gigs, which gives him a good balance to his work.

Luca Lindbüchl

Luca Lindbüchl


+49 (0) 2472 - 9910 77 luca.lindbuechl@wwm.de

Luca started his apprenticeship as a technical product designer at RocketExpo in 2018. He is in his element when constructing and designing trade fair stands. Luca can give free rein to his creativity, especially when designing trade fair stand graphics in Photoshop. In his free time, Luca likes to take photos and regularly goes to the gym, not forgetting to meet up with his friends. He also likes to travel a lot.

Rajan Thulasithas

Rajan Thulasithas


+49 (0) 2472 - 9910 78 rajan.thulasithas@wwm.de

Rajan has been part of RocketExpo since November 2021. There he supports the project team in the design and layout of exhibition stands. His main area of responsibility is to support the project team in the conception and design of the exhibition stands. From the selection of materials to the implementation of graphic elements, he helps to ensure that our trade fair appearances make an impressive impression. In his spare time, he continues to indulge his artistic streak by playing the guitar. He is also an avid motorsport fan and regularly follows races and events.

Luna Herrmann

Luna Herrmann


+49 (0) 2472 - 9910 XX luna.herrmann@wwm.de

Trade fair construction with passion and understanding

This is the vision of RocketExpo:
  • We attach great importance to effective and goal-oriented cooperation with each other and with our customers on the basis of sympathy and trust.
  • At RocketExpo, we live a special spirit that is characterized by a distinctive culture of values.
  • This includes passion and reliability as well as innovation and a sense of responsibility.
  • We are an exhibition stand construction company that responds to your individual questions and wishes.

Are you dreaming of an exhibition stand that will wow the crowds? Or an event that leaves an unforgettable impression? We are here to make your visions come true.


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A stand builder with a professional network

We combine the creativity and flexibility of a dynamic stand construction company with the stability and security of an experienced professional in the live communication industry. Through the integration into the company
WWM GmbH & Co. KG, RocketExpo benefits from its excellent infrastructure and retains a great deal of creative freedom. The core competencies of the family-owned company WWM lie in the areas of event management, marketing and event logistics and digitalization. With over 45 years of experience, more than 6,000 trade fairs and events are realized every year.



Our stand construction and exhibition design locations

From Munich to Berlin, from Cologne to Hamburg and beyond - Our RocketExpo is your reliable partner in Germany and worldwide #glocal!

We support you in the most important trade fair cities such as Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin. But our reach does not end at national borders. As an internationally active company, we are able to implement your trade fair projects worldwide.

Rely on our expertise and global presence to achieve your trade fair goals. Contact us now and let's make your trade fair events a success together!

Standort Monschau


The Design & Production Center, the printing and graphics service as well as software and consulting are located at the founding site in Imgenbroich. The management, administration and customer service are also located here.

Standort Alsdorf


The cloud-based service hub is our competence center for event and marketing logistics as well as warehouse management. Conveniently located at the border triangle of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.