Exhibition stand construction with LED video wall at Zukunft Personal in Cologne for stellenanzeigen.de

Stand size

137 qm


Zukunft Personal




Human Resources

The exhibition stand concept and stand design

FFor the year 2019, the attributes "different, fresh, inviting" were taken as a basis for finding the trade fair theme. The decision for the stand design was finally based on the theme: John Strelecky, The cafe at the edge of the world with the quintessence: What is the purpose of your existence. Why are you here?
stellenanzeigen.de underlines its image as an advisor in matters of career with this appearance. The entire appearance of the stand is adapted to the content, using emotional graphics, very special furniture, photo floor, Hollywood swing, photo stand action with backdrop as an instagram action, coffee stand - Koenig Koffein as a pureholer.

The fair project

Stellenanzeigen.de presented itself with a head stand of 137sqm. The brand stellenanzeigen.de is a constant on the market with a high level of awareness. In the exhibition hall, the density of competitors is very high and it is a particular challenge to attract the attention of trade fair visitors. In contrast to the competitors, who tend to realize rather conservative exhibition designs, stellenanzeigen.de deliberately wants to surprise and places its exhibition stand at Zukunft Personal in Cologne under a different motto every year. Many fair visitors are therefore always anxious to see how stellenanzeigen.de will probably present itself this time.

Dirk Jansen

Dirk Jansen

Projektmanagement & Design

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LED video fair wall over corner as eyecatcher

An LED video wall was installed at the highly frequented visitor staircase. The video running across the corner was individually created to match the positioning. The goal: to create surprise and attention was more than fulfilled. The intentionally induced congestion at the contact zones to the trade fair audience specifically increased the perception of the brand "stellenenanzeigen.de". Cleverly used video walls with the right content can create a stir at trade fair stands when everything fits: High recognition and attention. 


Conceptual highlights of the exhibition stand in Cologne

The furnishings correspond in the broadest sense to the theme of the book: desert, loungy shabby chic. Furniture "at the edge of the world". The left part of the stand was reserved for the crowd puller "John Strelecky" and invited visitors to linger in the meantime. The right part of the stand was reserved for scheduled talks, meetings.
Informative and interactive were the very modern looking info screens, which deliberately separated the stand from the aisle. These steles were constantly manned, which more than confirmed our expectations: interactive information continues to have a high value, also and especially among young visitors to the stand.
Catering: The caterer König Koffein provided good coffee with a bar area adapted to the stand design. The stand campaign "photo shoot" was combined with targeted social media campaigns, which gave the brand far-reaching added value beyond the duration of the trade fair.

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Conclusion on the exhibition stand with video wall for stellenanzeigen.de

Stellenanzeigen.de has again hit the spot with its trade fair appearance. Attracting attention, interaction, information, surprise and hospitality. But above all, and here no stand builder in the world can provide support: A great exhibition stand team from stellenanzeigen.de. Chapeau from our side, the Team Rocketexpo thanks stellenanzeigen.de for the perfect cooperation. The stand a complete success.

Thank you again for your support on site. We have received great and exclusively positive feedback on our stand and we would like to pass this on to you. Many thanks also for the uncomplicated cooperation.
Daniela Schilpp
Marketing Managerin, stellenanzeigen.de
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