Exhibition stand at the ISM in Cologne for IBIS

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144 sqm


ISM Köln


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The stand design and trade fair concept

The target of the booth at ISM 2020 is the presentation of a new brand identity. The brand "Entdecker-Bäcker" (Discoverer Baker) will be the basic theme for the conception of the stand under the slogan "A fantastic journey". In order to support this trade fair concept, the stand design as well as the marketing measures will be applied to the theme of ballooning.

The exhibition presence

The exhibition presence
The aim of the stand was to present the new brand identity of "Entdecker-Bäcker". The basic theme "A fantastic journey" was included in the design of this stand. The implementation was carried out through lounge areas with an unconventional character, comfortable meeting areas at seating tables and a new interpretation of the product presentation.

The floating hot-air balloons provided the stand with very individual eye-catchers and a strong long-distance effect. The atmosphere of well-being which was created ensures that visitors not only became aware of the IBIS stand, but also enjoyed staying there.

Pascal Dicks

Pascal Dicks

Projektmanagement & Design

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Entdecker-Bäcker - A fantastic journey

Matching the theme "A fantastic journey", three large hot-air balloons will be integrated into the stand design to thematically intensify the new brand presence. The hot-air balloons will be attached to the traverse with thin steel cables using clamps. In the balloons there is an inaudible blower, which blows the balloons continuously with air. The black, white and orange-pink colouring of the balloons clearly stands out from the IBIS corporate design and thus functions as an eye-catcher on the stand. On the one hand, the balloons are used as image and text surfaces for products of the brand "Entdecker-Bäcker", on the other hand, the balloon baskets are used for the presentation of the products. This individual design element gives the trade fair stand a very high long-distance effect and attracts the attention of trade fair visitors. In addition to the design, the theme of balloon flights is continued for marketing purposes by using balloon flights as prizes in a competition. This measure ensures that the IBIS trade fair presence is consistent.

ibis exhibition stand

Individual product presentation

The product presentation at the IBIS trade fair stand is given a new interpretation instead of conventional product shelves. Visitors are guided along the individual presentation areas via walkways. Balloon baskets, individual free-floating and illuminated shelves and presentation displays in the style of lounge furniture are used for product presentation. All in all, the selected products of the new brand "Entdecker-Bäcker" will be staged with love for detail on the stand. The subdued and warm lighting is created by hanging lamps and also provides a feel-good atmosphere, inviting the trade fair visitor to stay.

IBIS balloon

Conclusion on the IBIS trade fair stand

Through the conceptual development of the trade fair design with free hand drawings and several rounds of coordination together with IBIS, we were able to develop and present a new brand identity for the " Discoverer Bakery" brand, which is particularly noticed by the trade fair visitors due to the attention to detail and extraordinary eye-catchers.

The cooperation with Rocketexpo was very pleasant and refreshing. Even in the planning phase, we at IBIS felt we had been in very good hands. The project management team proactively supported us with advice and assistance beyond the project planning stage. The quality of the stand was simply top. The mix of graphics and real wood was exactly as we expected, and the eye-catchers even exceeded our expectations. The assembly went smoothly, the construction team was always ready to help us, very helpful. Only when we ourselves had left the stand after the handover did the construction team also say goodbye. Thus: I can only recommend RocketExpo.
Astrid Schlenzka
Marketing Managerin, IBIS Backwarenvertriebs GmbH
IBIS, based in Aachen, has been involved in the national and international distribution of baked products at various user levels since its foundation in 1990. IBIS has been going on a culinary voyage of discovery in Europe's bakeries for 30 years now, finding original baked goods specialities and new baking trends and bringing them to Germany.