Trade fair stand at the Veterinary Congress in Leipzig for MSD

Stand size

66 qm


Veterinary Congress




Animal Pharmacy

The trade fair concept and stand designsign

The aim of the stand for Veterinary Congress 2020 was to present the most eye-catching stand with the strongest long-distance effect at the fair. Compared to the previous year, the stand was planned to be significantly cleaner, in line with the motto: less is more. The graphics feature fewer images and texts, which is in keeping with the interior design requirements. The messages of the stand are primarily conveyed via the impressive LED video wall.

The trade fair appearance

I particularly enjoyed the work on the lighting concept for this exhibition stand: By organically illuminating the LED wall, we got the effect of a colour gradient on the video wall to reinforce the advertising messages.

We succeeded in achieving the goal of the trade fair presentation, namely to present the most eye-catching stand with a strong long-distance effect, by means of the LED trade fair video wall and the eye-catching ice cream van. Through the consistent reduction of graphics and the special lighting concept, the main eye-catcher is the LED wall, which conveys advertising messages.

The stand was given a very special effect by its lighting concept, the LED wall and not forgetting the distribution of the ice cream scoops on the ice cream van. The exhibits on display were also eye-catchers: animal figures that rotate and shine in the illuminated light - a very special effect.

Thomas Schütz

Thomas Schütz

Projektmanagement & Design

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Innovative LED trade fair video wall

MSD's LED video wall is not only a real eye-catcher on its own stand, but also cannot be overlooked by the surrounding exhibition stands. The innovative construction of the video wall first consists of a concave curvature, followed by a rectilinear video surface and finally a covex bend completes the LED wall. Due to this elaborately designed shape, the imposing wall can be seen from all angles and attracts the attention of trade fair visitors. The special lighting concept provides a colour gradient on the video wall and the high resolution of 2.1mm pixels conveys the trade fair messages ideally. The back of the video wall is also impressive, as it appears very organic - almost like a velvet surface. We achieved this effect by illuminating the wall organically rather than homogeneously. 


The ice cream van

The ice cream van is not only a visual eye-catcher on the stand, but also a real visitor magnet at the entire trade fair. Together with the LED trade fair video wall, the ice cream van represents the uniqueness of this trade fair stand. Contrary to the company's corporate design, the ice cream van is in a bright orange colour. The flower meadow and textile graphics placed behind it also create a break in style from the actually simple, turquoise stand design. This ensures that the ice cream van is not only an eye-catcher on its own stand, but also stands out from the surrounding stands. And although the ice cream van is so present, it does not distract from the large LED trade fair video wall, as this is spatially separated by the curvature of the LED video wall. As part of the trade fair concept, the distribution of the ice cream scoops - which were literally snatched out of the exhibitor's hands - ensures that visitors spend a long time at the trade fair stand and start conversations in a relaxed manner.

ice cream van

Conclusion on the MSD stand

With MSD we have a great partner with whom working together on new trade fair stands is always fun and achieves extraordinary results. As was the case again this time with the stand at the TÄK. In the trade fair concept, the customer's wishes for a strong long-distance effect are implemented perfectly. 

A trade fair presentation should always suit the company. This means, above all, that you should incorporate your own corporate design into the design of the trade fair stand. When selecting the various options, however, the quality should always be in the foreground, and this can be realised very excellently with RocketExpo. The design and arrangements with RocketExpo are effective and innovative.
Birgit Finsterwalder
Marketing, MSD
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