Exhibition stand at the veterinary congress in Leipzig for Covetrus DE GmbH

Stand size

110 qm


Veterinary Congress


Covetrus DE GmbH



Animal Pharmacy

Aim of the stand

The aim of the Covetrus stand was to convey product information, which was done through various product and equipment displays at the stand. In addition, the trade fair appearance was used to inform about the new foundation of Covetrus DE GmbH from the merger of two companies.

The trade fair appearance

All in all, the Covetrus stand will be divided into different areas in order to receive visitors in the best possible way - tailored to their needs: Counter for sub-exhibitors, spacious meeting room, simulation of a practice area on a raised platform as well as a bar area with sufficient seating.

These different areas of the stand are symbolically divided by floor inlays (= elaborate inlay work of the floor) in the carpet laying. The illuminated wall showcases with glass shelves and doors support the display of the products. A real eye-catcher are the large-scale graphics with emotional animal motifs, which give the stand a personal character.

What I personally liked most about the stand planning was the development of new standard solutions for a modular stand construction system. This included the planning of sliding glass doors as well as the illuminated wall display cases, which we can now offer in our rental repertoire.

Pascal Dicks

Pascal Dicks

Projektmanagement & Design

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Graphic surfaces with emotional animal motifs

The absolute eye-catchers on the Covetrus stand are the large-scale graphics showing various emotional animal motifs. This gives the stand, which is otherwise kept in simple blue and white tones and is oriented towards the company's corporate design, a very personal character. In addition, the stand at the veterinary congress stands out strongly from surrounding trade fair stands. To support the effect of this eye-catcher, a particularly bright light illumination is directed onto the graphic surfaces of the trade fair walls. This concept is continued in the conference room, which is located behind the large graphics: Here, too, there are various animal motifs on the wall. The selection of animal motifs in connection with people ensures that trade fair visitors are subconsciously emotionally touched and remember this positive feeling when they think of Covetrus DE GmbH.

Covetrus Exhibition Stand Animal Motif

Staging of exhibits

For the presentation of Covetrus' products, new standard items were specially developed for our frame system so that they can be integrated flush into the frame system and are perceived as a single unit by the trade fair visitor. The illuminated wall showcases with and without glass doors underline the high quality of the stand and present products from the animal health sector in the best possible light. The Covetrus exhibits include products and equipment that are of interest to trade fair visitors at the veterinary congress.

Covetrus exhibition stand exhibits

Conclusion on the Covetrus exhibition stand

During the conception of the trade fair presentation, Covetrus DE GmbH always made arrangements quickly and without complications, which made the cooperation a great pleasure. Overall, the goal of conveying information and products could be optimally presented with the help of the design and concept of the trade fair stand.

We have decided to change our stand builder in 2019. The choice fell on WWM with its RocketExpo business unit. Price-performance, management and market presence were impressively attractive. The first stand was an impressive confirmation of the pre-planning: great design, very high quality and efficient order processing. And our trade fair visitors were very impressed. Apart from conventional trade fair construction, however, WWM's other services are also very interesting: the measurability of customer flows with event metrics, for example, helps us to optimise upcoming trade fair appearances. Digital solutions, such as hybrid events, are still new territory for us, but WWM can support us here as well. And the multimedia possibilities of the WWM are already on our agenda anyway. Conclusion: We have made a good choice with the WWM and Rocketexpo.
Jan Lohse
Category Manager, Covetrus DE GmbH
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