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The fair project

terraplasma medical decided to use both an individualized and mobile exhibition stand in order to get to know the advantages and disadvantages of both systems and to select the best exhibition stand system for them for future trade fair appearances.

The trade show stand design for both stand systems is modern, clean and coordinated with the company's corporate design. Backlit elements are always found on the stand and stand out as eye-catchers. The high back walls of the individual trade fair stand ensure a high long-distance effect, while the mobile trade fair stand invites visitors to linger, especially with its many seating options.

The objective of the booths is to present the plasma device. Information on this can be found in the graphics on the back walls, the individual light boxes and on the digital info terminal.

Dirk Jansen

Dirk Jansen

Projektmanagement & Design

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Illumination of the terraplasma medical booth


Illumination of the terraplasma medical booth

A wide variety of lighting elements were integrated into both booth concepts. The lighting of the exhibits as well as of the entire booth realizes a uniform design. Great importance was attached to a perfect interplay of illuminated and non-illuminated elements, so that the exhibits are optimally staged and the trade fair stand appears inviting.

In addition to individual light boxes, counters and entire back walls, including booths, are illuminated or backlit in order to draw the attention of trade fair visitors to the contents of terraplasma medical's trade fair presentation.

Effect of the trade fair stand on the trade fair visitors

On the one hand, the high back walls of the trade fair stand ensure a high long-distance effect and draw the attention of trade fair visitors to the stand from afar. The illumination of the back walls as well as the individual systems should refer to the contents of the graphics and arouse curiosity in the visitor. The contrast between backlit graphics, the white, modern rental furniture in combination with the dark blue graphics has a harmonious effect and deliberately accentuates the most important contents of the trade fair presentation.

Effect of the trade fair stand on the trade fair visitors


Personal thoughts on the trade fair projects of terraplasma medical

Particularly interesting and at the same time the challenge of this trade fair project was the uniform design and conception of two different stand systems. Together with our colleagues from RocketExpo and ExpoCloud, as well as in regular exchange with terraplasma medical, we were able to plan and implement a coherent trade fair concept.

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Originally emerging from a working group at the Max Plack Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics headed by Prof. Dr. Dr. Gregor Morfill and Dr. Julia Zimmermann, terraplasma GmbH was founded in 2011, which to this day deals with plasma technologies in hygiene and air pollution control, among other areas. terraplasma medical GmbH was founded as an independent company in 2016.

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