Booth at the Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona for SIMO Fishprocessing 

Stand size

45 qm


Seafood Expo Global


SIMO Fishprocessing




The fair project

Seafood Expo Global will be held in Barcelona for the first time in 2022, previously always in Brussels. Thus, new requirements of the customer arise: Distance, halls, as well as the event being postponed twice due to the Corona pandemic.

For our client SIMO Fishprocessing from Germany, a concept was also needed that would stand out in the crowd, but remain within a certain budget despite the distance to the venue. 

The booth has an individual lighting concept, which optimally illuminates the eye-catchers of the booth. The light floor contrasts with dark graphics that look classy and modern. The graphics, which run across the entire stand, stimulate the imagination. The customer presentation attracts the visitor to enter the stand. 

Dirk Jansen

Dirk Jansen

Projektmanagement & Design

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Design language of the exhibition stand

The challenge of the trade fair concept lay in the development of the graphics. The goal was to present an emotional design language in an industry that is actually quite unemotional. But this is how emotional a B2B trade fair stand can be: a fish motif divided into 17 individual graphics across the entire stand. This creates a unique effect from every angle.

Graphic design of the exhibition stand of SIMO Fishprocessing

Eyecatcher of the booth

A total of 4 stelae form the center of the booth, displaying the highlights. The lamps above each stele additionally highlight the product presentation and floor strips "attract" the visitor. The trade fair presentation has an exclusive long-distance effect by means of a banner structure, which is printed both from the inside and outside.

We developed the graphics in-house for SIMO. SIMO also uses this new graphic language in the print media as well as on its website and pursues one goal: linking emotional association with the product.


Individual exhibition stand for SIMO Fishprocessing

Personal thoughts about the SIMO booth

This was the first trade fair stand we realized for SIMO. Our contact person, Mr. Chorzepa, gave us every freedom from the very beginning. Because the existing graphic design was rather homely and already older, we decided on a bold design language. We were also allowed to rethink the presentation of the goods. The cooperation including creative freedom was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to further joint projects in the future!

RocketExpo did a great job with our booth for Seafood Global in Barcelona. We were initially unsure about the booth size and the overall appearance, especially since Seafood Global was held in Barcelona for the first time. The concept worked out perfectly: The booth is seen, it is a real crowd puller. The graphic design you created is THE eye-catcher in the hall. The project management was really great from start to finish, I always felt in very good hands with Mr. Jansen. I immediately give the RocketExpo the grade 1 - fits, thanks to all Rockets! In general, I find that trade show visitors have a very strong need for personal contact after the COVID trade show lull. Thus, attending the show was a good decision.
Eric Chorzepa
Sales Manager, SIMO Fishprocessing
SIMO Fishprocessing is a third generation family business with over 50 years of experience in fish processing. SIMO is a specialist in customized fish products for the food industry and food service.