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Unique showroom with many possibilities

With the new showroom, Spandex wanted to create something unique. The market of interior design films is continuously growing and Spandex wanted to meet this demand professionally with the Customer Experience Center. This showroom was created not only for customer presentations, but also for events and trainings for architects or advertising agencies. Due to the construction and presentation possibilities, the properties of the films can be directly demonstrated and tested in everyday situations.

It was especially important to Spandex that the Customer Experience Center be a place to feel comfortable. There should be a pleasant and warm atmosphere immediately upon entering. In addition, comfortable seating areas were integrated to encourage creative exchange.

Special challenges

A particular challenge was the procurement of material and personnel for implementation. Due to the aftermath of the pandemic, the desired material was not necessarily always immediately available. Especially with raw materials, there were some bottlenecks that delayed the project. In the end, we were able to keep to the schedule, so that everything was finished on time.

The possibilities for realistic demonstrations of the sample pieces also depended on various factors. For example, both simulation possibilities and everyday situations had to be created for demonstration purposes.

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Highlights and eye catcher

Spandex's new demo room offers everything a modern showroom should. From a worktable with 4sqm of workspace to demonstrate various applications with the exhibits to its own kitchen with counter to serve the guests. Likewise, the glass partition is used for demonstration purposes to show the application in realistic sceneries. The panel wall with over 30 retractable foil elements and the large sample wall with 144 individual decor holders for demonstration purposes are particularly eye-catching.


Conclusion about the Spandex showroom

The cooperation with Spandex was very pleasant from the beginning. Therefore, we are even more pleased that we were able to implement all wishes accordingly. The feedback from the customers is very positive and due to the feel-good factor, the length of stay of the customers is much higher than in conventional showrooms. Also the large selection of samples and the possibility of realistic demonstrations inspire the visitors.


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