Exhibition stand at the FAF in Cologne for the Federal Association Paint Design Building Protection

Stand size

676 sqm




Bundesverband Farbe Gestaltung Bautenschutz


Painting and varnishing trade

The trade fair appearance

The leading trade fair FAF FARBE, AUSBAU & FASSADE is the forward-looking driving force for the painting and varnishing industry. As the largest industry meeting, it is one of the most important events for the Federal Association Paint Design Building Protection to shape the future in the craft.

The booth of the Federal Association Paint Design Building Protection 2019 was completed live at the fair by creative and colorful craft. The white walls were designed by enthusiastic painters and varnishers of the 12 technical and master schools, embodying the qualification, quality and passion of this craft. In addition to the unique atmosphere at the booth, several meeting areas were available. Delicious hot, cold drinks and snacks were offered at the large, illuminated counter in the back of the booth. The booth in the rear, closed booth area served as a large storage area.

Dirk Jansen

Dirk Jansen

Projektmanagement & Design

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The Bundesverband Farbe Gestaltung Bautenschutz (Federal Association for Paint Design and Building Protection) is the trade and employers' association and a strong representative of the interests of the painting and varnishing trade in Germany.