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Target of the mobile exhibition stand

The target of the concept was to increase awareness of E.ON's e-mobility business. The "E.ON Drive FairBox" was used to stage the concept. This is a universally applicable fair kit consisting of individual technical components. The kit consists of a touchstele, a back-lit fabric wall and counters with retractable monitor or IPads. Visitors can learn about the business field of e-mobility at these stations of the mobile exhibition stand with the help of the easy handling of the integrated technical elements and the animations and video content. Interested visitors can interact with E.ON's e-mobility solutions at the individual stations of the stand, which has a very high learning factor.

The trade fair presence

What I particularly liked about E.ON's stand design was the combination of technology and attractive furniture construction. The furniture was custom-made and adapted to E.ON's trade fair presence. Visitors to the fair perceive the stand as digital and refreshing, which was a perfect match for the exhibitor's image.

The conceptual challenge of this trade fair stand was to accommodate the entire technology in just two pieces of furniture. We succeeded in making the mobile trade fair stand look tidy despite the many technical elements, as all cables and other technical components were accommodated in the furniture. Furthermore, all components of the stand reflect the corporate design of E.ON.

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Extendable touch monitor

This part of the E.ON Drive FairBox functions as a trade fair counter and centre of the exhibition. Inside the exhibition counter there is a monitor that can be pulled out if necessary to present videos to visitors to the stand. The Info-Display is connected by special software via an iPad to wirelessly control video content or presentations. The content is located on a cloud, so that it can be accessed from anywhere. In addition, a Vodafone Gigacube is integrated to ensure an Internet connection throughout the entire trade fair stand when used worldwide. A UPS battery is also available, which requires an outtake power supply. On the sides of the counter there are small compartments to provide visitors to the stand with information material.


The touchstele is another technical component of the E.ON Drive FairBox. The Touchstele comprises a 55-inch screen that can be operated by trade fair visitors via touch. Visitors can view individual pieces of information or call up videos and presentations. The Touchstele ensures that trade fair visitors can explore information about E.ON's e-mobility solutions for themselves. The interaction of the trade fair visitors on the Touchstele also increases the time spent at the mobile trade fair stand and makes it easier to start a conversation.

Touch Stele E.ON Drive

Conclusion on E.ON's mobile exhibition stand

E.ON's mobile trade fair stand, which can be used in many different ways, is a real eye-catcher at any trade fair thanks to its integrated technology. Due to the many technical components "to touch" and the compliance with the corporate design, the trade fair stand appears refreshing and inviting.

Developing the E.ON Drive FairBox together with RocketExpo was a challenge that we all enjoyed very much. The RocketExpo design team was very professional and innovative. Professionals were at work here and you could see that they have a lot of fun doing what they do. Our e-mobility trade fairs and events can be optimally used with this mobile trade fair concept. A good addition to our marketing strategy.
Jonas Bohlender
Global Marketing | Brand & Customer Communication, E.ON
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