Exhibition stand for the trade show CWIEME in Berlin for r.bourgeois

Stand size

88 sqm







The booth construction project

The Coil Winding Expo 2017 in Berlin is the leading trade show for electrical and coil production and an important trade show for r.bourgeois.
The particularly high-quality stand made of genuine stainless steel and a well-balanced lighting reflects skillfully the slogan of the company. Precision and Perfection. On 80sqm, the products stay in the visitor's mind through highlights and details. Through embedded showcases in the stainless steel walls and high-quality construction, the exhibition stand concept looks like a single eyecatcher. In order to carry out extensive discussions and appointments at the trade show, various seating options are also available.


Bernd Freiter

Head of RocketExpo Projektmanagement

+49 (0) 2472 9910 - 25 bernd.freiter@rocketexpo.com

r.bourgeois is a leading manufacturer of magnetic steel rotors and stator laminations for electric motors. Precision and perfection are the motto of the company in order to be at the top of the market.