Exhibition stand at BAUMA in Munich for Robbins

Stand size

67,5 qm





A Global TBM Company


Tunnel construction

Aim of the stand

The aim of the exhibition stand of the US-based company Robbins is for visitors to experience the feeling of "tunneling" live. By incorporating colourful graphics and the overall design of the stand, the aim is to create a convivial atmosphere that makes for relaxed customer conversations. In addition, the corporate identity is to be reflected in the exhibition stand to create a high recognition value.

The trade fair appearance

The challenge of the client briefing was that the visitor should be amazed from every viewing perspective. Robbins is a leader in the industry and this must be clearly visible from a distance, when approaching and also on the stand.

The exterior walls are illuminated in warm white by recessed spotlights. The walls make the stand not too open, but still inviting. The interior of the stand is spectacular: by means of large sliding doors, a meeting room can be used open or closed as required.

The graphic statement of the stand in combination with the architecture is a masterstroke. Partial backlighting and a balanced lighting concept give the stand a clean and uncluttered look. The graphic content is a very modern mix of information and large-format photos "from tunnel construction life".

It was simply nice to work with the colourful graphics, to create a feel-good atmosphere and to reflect the immersion in tunnel construction. The illuminated counter and the movable wall panels are particularly successful. 

Thomas Schütz

Thomas Schütz

Projectmanagement & Design

+49 (0) 2472 9910 - 35 thomas.schuetz@wwm.de

Revolving panels

The movable outer wall serves as a visitor magnet. The twelve square fields can be rotated at will. This reveals new image and text elements that constantly vary the graphic appearance of the entire wall.

This makes the wall not only a visual highlight but also encourages interaction with the stand through the playful element. This makes visitors linger at the stand and arouses interest in the company.

Robbins exhibition stand revolving panels

Meeting point at the stand

Placed in the centre of the stand, the visitor walks towards the meeting point. This consists of a unique counter in concrete look, which is highlighted by the lighting at the lower end.

Adjacent to this is the counter for visitors. This is made of wood and, together with the counter, creates a harmonious overall picture. The bar stools also fit perfectly into the design concept and offer visitors a place where they can feel comfortable. This creates the central meeting point of the exhibition stand.

Robbins booth Meetingpoint

Conclusion on the Robbins stand

We had an incredible amount of fun implementing the trade fair stand for BAUMA in Munich. Experiencing the feeling of "tunnel construction" at the trade fair stand was achieved wonderfully with our stand concept. The RocketExpo team would like to thank Robbins for the perfect communication in the cooperation. The exhibition stand has been a complete success.

For many years, WWM and its RocketExpo business unit have been planning and creating our exhibition stands in Europe. BAUMA is, of course, a very special trade fair, and this time, too, the RocketExpo team has come up with a beautiful and, above all, a functional concept. We deliver the highest quality to our customers, and high-quality workmanship is a must also for our exhibition stands. Our stand was admired and expressly praised by many visitors. But also the project work "across the pond" with the Robbins marketing team is of great importance, here we have to be able to build on trust and efficiency. Thanks to the Rocket team, the cooperation in the planning and execution phase was once again very pleasant and professional.
Detlef Jordan
Business / Sales Manager, Robbins
Robbins Logo
With nearly 70 years of innovation and experience, Robbins, founded in 1952, is the world's leading designer and manufacturer of advanced underground construction equipment. Robbins has been involved in hundreds of tunnel boring projects around the world. The US company is involved in the production, purchase, sale, rental, maintenance and servicing of tunnel boring machines, large hole boring machines, mining machines, underground machines of all types and spare parts for them, as well as their warehousing and all related business.