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You think of RocketScience when you hear the term innovation? So we do! And certainly our name is no coincidence. Are we doing this just for you? No, we just love innovative technologies and have fun trying new things.

Expertise 1: LED exhibition video walls

LED video walls are undoubtedly one of the current trends in trade fair construction. But like the advertising slogan "Power is nothing without control", the power of innovative technologies only makes sense if you can master it. Another problem with new technologies is reliability, which can usually only be mastered with experience and expertise. For this reason, we have taken it upon ourselves not only to offer this technology but also to adopt it as a central USP in our DNA.


In recent years, we have therefore invested not only in hardware but also in processes and software. For this reason, the video walls we have installed are permanently connected to our servers, so that we can directly react to problems - anywhere in the world. Due to this innovative approach, our LED walls, for example, only need 27 seconds to start up independently after a power failure and play back the desired content.

Expertise 2: Visitor measurement with event metrics

Another trend in trade fair construction is the topic of measuring success. The times when you visit a trade fair just because you have always done so seem to be over. Live communication as an overview of trade fair construction is now in competition with various marketing channels and not least with online marketing. The simple justification that live communication is multi-sensory and therefore more effective than online marketing is no longer sufficient to maintain a budget.


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