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Do you want to reduce the costs of your exhibition stands?

Trade fairs continue to be a successful measure for generating new customers or maintaining relationships with existing customers. However, participating in a trade fair or an event with a trade fair booth has its price. To ensure that profitability does not suffer as a result of the cost of exhibiting at a trade fair, we at RocketExpo focus on the reusability of trade fair components and the use of efficient processes.

Expertise 1: Use of rental equipment

The central driver for reducing the costs of trade show appearances is the use of rental equipment. This effect works in several ways. For example, the use of rental components directly reduces the investment costs in individual components associated with trade shows. On the other hand, the storage of the rental components is the responsibility of the trade fair constructor, thus reducing your ongoing costs for the storage of your trade fair equipment. Unfortunately, these storage costs are often neglected during planning and in the end make up a not irrelevant part of the total costs associated with trade fairs.

Expertise 2: Use reusable graphics

Besides the ecological effects of textile graphics hese graphics also offer a good lever for reducing the overall costs of trade show appearances. In particular, the use of modular structures enables the multiple use of graphics (if necessary, also in different configurations). However, this multiple use requires on the one hand a high durability of the graphics (this includes in particular a low buckling sensitivity) and on the other hand the possibility of cleaning. The textile graphics we use in dye-sublimation printing meet exactly these requirements. On the one hand, the graphics are maximally resistant to creasing, and on the other hand, they can be cleaned normally, so that they remain as good as new even after repeated use. Although this printing method is more expensive than alternative methods during the first production, it offers a significant reduction in costs for the entire stand already during the second use.

Graphic design for exhibition stand

Expertise 3: Restrict logistics to lightweight trade show components

A key driver of logistics costs is the transport weight. The aluminum structures we use are extremely light and at the same time extremely stable. Although such components are more expensive to manufacture (as always in lightweight construction), this is not a disadvantage for the exhibitor due to the rental. However, the low transport weight reduces the transport costs associated with participation in the trade fair so significantly that this has a central influence on the overall costs of the trade fair stand.

By the way, if your trade show appearance is abroad, we do not even transport the frames. Due to the standardization of the individual components, we can rent them around the globe and, if necessary, only have to ship your lightweight textile graphics - if you use them several times. This allows us not only to reduce the ecological footprint of your trade show appearance, but also to massively reduce transportation costs. So economy and ecology are not a contradiction.

Expertise 4: Visit the right trade fairs


Has any booth builder ever advised you not to visit a trade fair? We, on the other hand, do! The greatest leverage on your trade fair costs is the selection of the right trade fairs and, if necessary, the omission of the wrong trade fairs. That's why we have been working on the topic of Event Metrics - Google Analytics for trade fairs - since 2017. 

Visit the right fairs


For every trade show appearance, we recommend using this tool to have quantitative values on the success of the trade show in addition to your gut feeling. With this method, we can not only provide you with information on the number of passers-by or visitors to your stand, but also analyze exactly how long visitors stayed at the stand. The conversion rate of passers-by to visitors also provides valuable insights for the optimization of future trade fairs. After just a few trade fairs, our project managers can proactively support you in optimizing your trade fairs - even if this means skipping one trade fair or trying out another.

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