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Whitepaper Trade fairs in the metalworking industryYou wonder why we ask for your data? Simply fill out the form and you will receive your own download link to the whitepaper by e-mail. Once you have submitted your form, you can expect to receive the following information:

First, we will introduce you to Event-Metrics technology, which we used to collect data at trade fairs in the metalworking industry. On this basis, you will know how the data of the data listed in the white paper is obtained.

In addition to general information on the listed trade fairs, we publish data on visitor behaviour in this whitepaper Event-Metrics. This includes trade fair visitors per day, stand visitors per day, trade fair visitors per hour as well as the average length of stay per hour. These data are presented in clearly arranged graphics and interpreted for you.

CWIEME 2019 in Berlin is the international exhibition and conference for coil development, insulation and electrical manufacturing. Last year, this fair attracted more than 500 exhibitors from over 40 countries, who presented electrical equipment, insulation and materials, machines, products and services from the coil winding sector. In the white paper you will find a detailed analysis of visitor behaviour during the three days of CWIEME.

SPS (Smart Production Solutions) in Nürnberg in 2019 is one of the largest international trade fairs for electric automation technology with 1,585 exhibitors and around 63,000 visitors. In the white paper you can see how the distribution of the visitors took place over the three days of the fair.

The hardware fair is the largest and most international trade fair worldwide. Every two years, the entire global industry shows what is and will be important in the hardware sector on 165,00 square metres of exhibition space. In addition to an overview of the high number of visitors per day, the white paper contains further overviews and interpretations for all four days of the event.

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Visitor data for CWIEME 2019
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