LED Exhibition video walls - Whitepaper

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The trade fair world, like many other industries, is in a state of flux these days. Thus, more and more potential is being put into technologies. An increasingly popular method is the choice of LED exhibition walls. In the battle for the attention of trade fair visitors, this is a good way of attracting interested visitors to the stand and making contact with them. But it is not enough to simply put up a wall with a running slide show. There are different ways to integrate the video wall into the booth, but also to display created content that triggers something in the viewer or moves him.

In this whitepaper you will learn about the possibilities of personalization, but also how the modular system behind it works. It gives you the opportunity to decide freely how large the LED wall should be or how you can handle a corner or curve at your booth. Which options are available to bring your content onto the large wall or even stream it under certain circumstances will be discussed. We will also show you the sustainable aspects that an LED wall brings with it.

The contents are among others:

Advantages and disadvantages
Construction and positioning
Control system
Possible video content
Sustainability aspect

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