Rotzler Holding GmbH & Co. KG

The world new innovations of hydraulic winch and heaver systems were presented by the company Rotzler at the trade fair performance 2016. RocketExpo placed the products at individual created presenter, which was stage with different light effects, so that the focus of the visitors located on the product. The product groups were named after the moon of Saturn. This fact was including in the graphical design on a big background, the "universe wand". In the universe-wand was built a "4K-98“monitor, which mediated the key-visuals over a image-film. The stand was great visible.

Our customers had a clear prospect, based on long time trade fair experiences. The RocketExpo team drafted then the final design, via noble materials and a CI-conform design.



Quick facts

Customer: Rotzler Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Trade fair/ event: Bauma 2016 (Munich), Eurosatory 2016 (Paris), SMM 2016 (Hamburg)
Branch: building and saving industry

Bernd Freiter

Bernd FreiterProjektmanagement & Design

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