About us


RocketExpo unite the creavity and flexibility of a dynamic exhibition stand construction company with stability and safety of a experienced professional in the live communiaction area.

RocketExpo belongs to the WWM company and so it profits from his excellent infrastructure. Every fancy and individual idea could be realised.



The family company WWM GmbH & Co. KG looks back to 35 years of experiences in the live communication sector. The core competences find order in the marketing logistic and event management sector.

Annual, 2000 trade fairs and events are realised. With the unique software solution myWWM for the administration and controlling of marketing resources, the company revolutionized the exhibition stand construction industry and the event branch.



The locations of our exhibiton stand construction company


RocketExpo has got several locations in Germany. At the location Monschau there is the Design & production centre - your competent centre for exhibition stand construction, print and consulting. Management, administration and customer consulting are there, too.

At the location in Alsdorf, there is the store management of our exhibition stand construction company. Alike, distribution and advertising media service are controlled from there.

In the heart of Munich, you could find an other support centre. So we can assure customer focus in the south of Germany, too.

Whether Munich, Cologne or Düsseldorf - from our location we can operate with all trade fair cities in Germany and international.



Our team


Our Designteam consists of architects, business economics, designern and technicans and exhibit diversify qualification.

Thus, a creative, isochronal but also optimal practicable arrangement of the projects is possible.  Our employees are systematic upgraded - not only in the design and competitve pricing sector of stands, but also in the stand and live marketing actions, customer service and company intern, harmonic working.

We set a high value on effective and systematic teamwork as well as the cooperation with our customers based on sympathic and confidence. With RocketExpo we live a special spirit and a distinct value culture. To this belong passion and realibility and innovation and sense of responsibility.

We are a exhibition stand construction company, which go into individual questions and wishes. Come with us in contact, we like to advise you!


Bernd Freiter

Bernd FreiterProjektmanagement & Design

+49 (0)2472 9910 - 25 bernd.freiter@rocketexpo.com
Thomas Schütz

Thomas SchützDesign

+49 (0)2472 9910 - 35 thomas.schuetz@rocketexpo.com
Dirk Jansen

Dirk JansenProjektmanagement & Design

+49 (0)2472 9910 - 22 dirk.jansen@rocketexpo.com
Waldemar Schulz

Waldemar SchulzDesign

+49 (0)2472 9910 - 26 waldemar.schulz@rocketexpo.com
Torsten Lorenzen

Torsten LorenzenProjektmanagement & Design

+49 (0)2472 9910 - 24 torsten.lorenzen@rocketexpo.com

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