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Trade fairs in the veterinary medicine sector

In Germany there are many veterinary medicine congresses and trade fairs in the field of veterinary medicine. The veterinary medicine companies are very interested in sponsoring congresses in order to maintain customer loyalty. As accompanying meeting nearly always a performance show takes place, on which the animal industry presents itself: Pharmaceutical companies, surgical equipment, practice software, practice equipment, accessories for veterinary practices, clothing for veterinarians, etc.

Trade fairs for animal lovers (so-called consumer fairs) have a different focus: here the animal as a member of the family is in the focus. Some of the products are the same as at veterinary congresses, but the way they are presented is completely different: Trade visitor events focus on the use, effect and application of animals, while consumer events focus on animal well-being.

Therefore the exhibition stands are also very different:

  • Specialist congresses in veterinary medicine entertain the visitors during the congress lecture breaks to create a feel-good atmosphere during the breaks. Although there is currently also a tendency at trade fairs to present the trade fair presentation in an emotional and "playful" way, but the focus is clearly on good hospitality.

  • Consumer trade fairs in the animal sector, such as Eurotier, set up much more emotional and placative exhibition stands than the trade fairs. The visitor should look around and buy something in the shortest possible time so that a maximum number of visitors can be served.

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About the veterinary congress in leipzig/ germany (TÄK)

The Leipzig Veterinary Congress is organised every two years and is an absolute success story. In 2020 the 10th anniversary event took place, so the TÄK has been around for 20 years.

The congress is an advanced training event in veterinary medicine and in its kind the most diverse and most visited in Germany. Visitors come from all German-speaking countries. With the TÄK practical men and veterinary surgeons in the use and domestic animal range are addressed, as well as veterinary surgeons from public carriers, veterinary, science and industry. The kick-off event with welcoming and celebratory speeches will be supported by big names from the industry. Keynote speeches will round off the opening programme of the veterinary congress.

Leipzieger Tierärztekongress

The organisers of the veterinary congress are the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Leipzig, the Veterinary Chambers of Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Berlin and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania as well as the Leipziger Messe GmbH, in whose halls the event will also be held. The Congress Center Leipzig (CCL) is the perfect location for this event: modern, short distances and a pleasant ambience with the capacity for a large performance trade fair.

The four-day congress programme is quite impressive: The focus of the veterinary congress is on topics such as the public perception of the veterinary profession or the cooperation between the veterinary associations. The fields of the veterinary profession are extremely diverse, and there are more than 470 lectures and further education courses on the animals themselves, but also on comprehensive topics such as law, animal protection, epidemics and toxicology.

From "Tooth extractions in cats" or "Fracture care made easy" to "Internal medicine emergencies" and forensic topics such as "Animal protection law and ethics", there are countless lectures that can be booked.


About the Vetexpo showcase

In addition to the professional training at the veterinary congress, the vetexpo showcase will also provide information about new products and the everyday work of veterinarians. All major pharmaceutical companies are represented here with impressive exhibition stands. But also companies for feed and health products, diagnostic equipment, surgical instruments or biobanks for veterinary medicine will exhibit their latest products at the Vetexpo. Some extraordinary highlights in 2020 were, for example, hemp oil for pets and dental care made from cottage cheese.

The following areas are covered by vetexpo:



Consulting/ Service
Communication Technology
Medical Technology
Animal Nutrition Dietetics
Practice needs and equipment
Literature for education


In 2020, TÄK-vetexpo had 283 exhibitors. There is also a job exchange for veterinarians, in which 28 employers participated. The supporting programme at every event is the congress party, and it is always evident that the industry can celebrate properly. But also a Magic Show in the evening or the Leipzig veterinarian meeting place the network idea in the foreground.


Visitor data for the veterinary congress 2020

The veterinary congress in Leipzig attracts over 5,000 visitors every year. According to official figures of the organizer in 2020 even 6200 visitors. Since it is an advanced training event, however, not all veterinarians visit the accompanying exhibition.

Within the two days of the fair, however, we were only able to measure just about 3,000 unique visitors at the exhibition using various event metrics measurements. This suggests that not all congress participants visit the exhibition. But both days are similarly well attended. The volume of visitors at the veterinary congress is also interesting.

Visitors per day at TÄK


Analysis of visitor behaviour at the veterinary congress (17.01.2020)

Visitors per hour at TÄK at 17.01.2020
Average length of stay at TÄK at 17.01.2020

What is noticeable for a congress is that the flow of visitors to the exhibition is not related to the seminars. In this sense, the veterinarians seem to visit the exhibition independently of the seminars. Moreover, the morning is more crowded than the afternoon.

The average length of time customers spend at the stands of the veterinary congress varies between 10-14 minutes. However, this is descriptive of the format of the TÄK, as most of the stands also provide catering. In general, hospitality extends the visiting time at a stand.

Analysis of visitor behaviour at the veterinary congress (18.01.2020)

Visitor per hours at TÄK at 18.01.2020
Average length of stay at TÄK at 18.01.2020

Compared to 17.01.2020, 18.01.2020 is the more frequented day of the accompanying exhibition. This is surprising, because it is a Saturday.

There is no difference between the two days of the trade fair in terms of average visiting times at the stands. Also on Saturday the average visiting time is 10-15 minutes and is therefore higher than at normal trade fairs.

Special characteristics in visitor behaviour at the TÄK 2020:

  • The exhibition is about 15% more visited on Saturday than on Friday.
  • Although there are accompanying seminars, the number of visitors has remained relatively constant throughout the day.
  • Only about 50% of the congress participants seem to visit the accompanying exhibition.
  • Visiting times at the stands are relatively high at 10-15 minutes. To what extent this is causally due to the catering of the stands cannot be definitively answered.


Our exhibition stands in the veterinary medicine industry

Exhibition stand MSD at the Leiziger TÄK


Industry: Animal pharmacy
Stand size: 162 sqm

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Booth construction RocketExpo MSD Eurotier Hannover

MSD - Eurotier

Industry: Animal pharmacy
Stand size: 70 sqm

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Booth construction RocketExpo TÄK Leipzig MSD


Industry: Animal pharmacy
Stand size: 77 sqm

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