Virtual exhibition stand

The Digital Twin of your exhibition stand

Digital Twin

Digital Twin - what is that anyway? This is a true-to-scale, digital 3D model of your real exhibition stand. This digital twin is virtually available and can be viewed from all sides in a 360° view. This virtual trade fair stand can be used in many ways - before, during and after the trade fair or even completely detached from real events. You can move your trade fair stand from the exhibition hall directly to your website.

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Virtual exhibition stand

With the virtual trade fair stand, you can supplement your real trade fair appearances and have a trade fair on your website every day of the year. The Digital Twin of your trade fair stand can be accessed anytime and anywhere and is therefore not bound to the obstacles of the real world. Support your sales staff and inform interested parties, customers and partners about news on your virtual trade fair stand.

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Solution available 365 days a year

You can present your booth on your company site 365 days a year. Be independent from the barriers of the real trade fair and do not limit your trade fair stand to a few days a year. Show your prospects, customers and suppliers the Digital Twin of your real exhibition stand all year round and update them regularly via the Virtual Exhibition Stand. With a Virtual Booth, you can respond quickly and agilely to trade show cancellations or postponements in the digital world without sacrificing leads or customer contacts. Enable your customers to visit the Virtual Booth even if they were unable to attend a trade fair because they were prevented from attending or the trade fair was canceled.

Online lead generation guaranteed

You have unlimited possibilities to offer your prospects and customers product details, whitepapers or presentations as gated content at the info points of your Virtual Booth to generate online leads. In return for personal contact information, a customer will receive the requested information from you via email. Or you can allow participation in a contest at the trade show while still at your Virtual Booth to offer Digital Twin visitors added value and build anticipation for their visit to the real booth. There are no limits to what you can do: be creative and tailor the offers to your target group so that the trade-in of your own data delivers added value to people.

Interaction with visitors possible

You have the option of equipping your virtual trade fair stand with various elements of gamification. You can combine this with the fact that after a certain action at the Digital Twin, incentives are available for collection at the real trade fair stand. You can also insert multimedia content at info points to convince interested parties of your products or services in a variety of ways. You can run your new image film on the LED video wall of your trade fair stand, offer product information as a download or link to your website. Use Infopoints to offer visitors added value. After entering personal data at one of the Infopoints, send them a whitepaper or presentation.

Maintaining a digital presence

In the age of digitalization, it is important to have a digital presence. With one click, your customers or prospects can find out if you are exhibiting at a trade show. Go one step further and present your Digital Twin on your company website next to the dates when you can be met live at a trade fair. Visitors to your website will thus not only be informed about your trade fair presence, but will also be able to view it right away. In this way, you can reach a larger target group with your trade fair stand digitally than you would have been able to reach with your real trade fair stand. Your customers will also regularly visit your website to be informed about new products, news or special promotions on your Digital Twin.

360° tour of the virtual trade fair stand

Your virtual trade fair stand allows interested parties, customers and suppliers to walk through your trade fair stand digitally. In the process, you can view exhibits up close, examine merchandise displays and discover information at info points. The true-to-scale 3D model of your real trade show booth offers all the insights for visitors that the real booth also offers to trade show visitors. Walk through the Virtual Booth in a 360° tour when, how often and from where you want. The Digital Twin makes this possible without getting caught in crowds. You can also use this feature to train your booth staff by letting them know where exhibits are located or what information is available before the show begins.

Independent of trade fair events

Your Virtual Booth is independent of real trade fair events, it can be used individually: before, during and after the trade fair. You can pick up your prospects and customers even before the trade fair starts and inform them about your trade fair presence. During the trade fair, you can refer to your Digital Twin on your company website so that stand visitors can conveniently download information material afterwards instead of having to carry it with them at the trade fair. After the show, you can use the Digital Twin of the real booth to extend the show and inform interested people about your products and services who didn't make it to the show. With a Virtual Booth you are no longer bound by the barriers of the real world.

Virtualize your booth with RocketExpo

We offer you the possibility to create a digital twin of your exhibition stand and to expand it digitally. On your virtual trade fair stand, your customers can discover products, videos or links to your website in a 360° tour at various infopoints, and can always find out about the latest news from your company. Offer your customers added value to the real trade fair and make the trade fair experience interactive.

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