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Dechra Veterinary Products Deutschland GmbH

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Target of the exhibition stand

The target of the Dechra Veterinary Products Deutschland GmbH booth is to provide information about products and the company itself. In addition, the focus is on making new business contacts.

The trade fair presentation

The Dechra exhibition stand at the Leipzig Veterinary Congress is divided into three areas: The reception area with a counter, a separate lounge corner with comfortable seating and the conference tables with information material.

The trade fair presentation is characterised particularly by its strong long-distance effect by means of illuminated cubes, emotional as well as large-area graphics and wall backlighting and is already perceived by trade fair visitors from a distance.

Advertising signs for Dechra products are attached to the exhibition walls using textile frames and spacers for better presentation. Overall, the exhibition stand, with its individual designer furniture in a pleasant aura of light and emotional graphics, invites visitors to linger.

Waldemar Schulz - Projektmanagement & Design - Team RocketExpo

Waldemar Schulz

Large-scale graphics with animal motives

The large animal motifs on the graphics on the exhibition walls are the eye-catchers of the Dechra stand. The emotional animal motifs in connection with humans are also backlit to attract the attention of the trade fair visitors. The atmospheric graphics are adapted to the colour scheme of the exhibition stand to create a harmonious picture. Supported by individual designer furniture, the Dechra stand is a place of well-being that invites visitors to linger. Interested parties who visited or noticed the stand will remember the emotional graphics and associate these positive feelings with the Dechra brand and its products.

Dechra Large-scale graphics with animal motives
Dechra Long Distance effect of the exhibition stand

Long distance effect of the exhibition stand

As already mentioned above, the strong long-distance effect is a special feature of Dechra's trade fair presence. In addition to the large-scale graphics and the back-lit trade fair walls, the long-distance effect is achieved in particular by the LED light lines suspended from the ceiling and by illuminated cubes, which were mounted at the maximum possible height. These also ensure optimum illumination of the exhibition stand. The illuminated cubes, which can already be seen from a long distance, also bear the Dechra logo and are also in the corporate design of the company, so that trade fair visitors can find the trade fair stand easily.

Conclusion on the Dechra stand

The modular concept of the exhibition stand of Dechra Veterinary Products Deutschland GmbH has been continuously expanded and adapted over a long period of time, so that Dechra's objectives at the veterinary congress could be optimally fulfilled.

Since we have been working with RocketExpo, our trade fair presence has become much more professional. With RocketExpo we have found a very reliable and competent partner who designs great exhibition stands for us.

Doris Wetzel, Dechra Veterinary Products Germany GmbH

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Founded in 1819, Dechra is an international specialist in veterinary pharmaceutical products. The company's expertise lies in the development, manufacture, sales and marketing of high-quality products exclusively for veterinarians worldwide.