Exhibition stand at the veterinary congress in Leipzig for bela-pharm

Stand size
110 sqm

Trade show
TÄK in Leipzig

bela-pharm GmbH & Co. KG

Veterinary medicine

Objective of the exhibition stand

The objective of the trade fair appearance at the veterinary congress is the introduction and presentation of new products from bela-pharm. In addition, the focus of the trade fair appearance is on the acquisition of new customers and the management of existing customers. Through large booths, some of which serve as meeting rooms, conversations with existing or potential customers can be conducted undisturbed.

The trade fair presentation

At the bela-pharm stand I particularly liked the implementation of the modular frame systems, which allows the stand to be used several times. Through this reuse, the customer can save further trade fair costs and also supports a sustainable trade fair concept.

The exhibition stand, which was designed in the corporate design of the company, radiates a modern appearance. In addition, the concept of the stand offers great added value: for catering at the veterinary congress, it requires storage rooms to store drinks and food. These were taken into consideration in the trade fair concept and planned next to meeting rooms.

Dirk Jansen - Projektmanagement & Design - Team RocketExpo

Dirk Jansen

A different kind of showcase

The exhibition showcase is an eye-catcher at the bela-pharm stand. While the showcase was kept in the colour tone of the company's corporate design to ensure recognition of the company, the floor at the end of the showcase is illuminated in different colours and provides a contrast to the exhibition showcase and becomes an eye-catcher. Various exhibits are displayed in the glass case of the showcase to inform visitors to the fair about the company's products. Simple, but nevertheless outstanding.

Showcase bela-pharm
Messestand bela-pharm auf dem Tierärztekongress

High brand recognition

The design of the stand focuses on the green tone of bela-pharm's corporate design to create a strong brand presence and recognition value. A high long-distance effect is achieved through the two prominent towers and the illuminated showcases, which are also coordinated with the corporate design. The theme of "shortening waiting times" is taken up throughout the entire trade fair concept, so that this message is remembered by visitors. Great importance was also attached to the lighting, which gives the stand a positive appearance once again. As the ceilings in the event location are sometimes comparatively low, the stand can be optimally illuminated.

Conclusion on the bela-pharm trade fair stand

A strong trade fair presence that stands out from the crowd and is remembered. The booths offer bela-pharm many meeting rooms in which an undisturbed conversation with existing and new customers can be held.

With RocketExpo I combine accuracy and flexibility. In addition to our defined goals of corporate identity, we are constantly receiving new ideas for our trade fair presentation from our employees. With Dirk Jansen we have an experienced partner at our side. Dirk reacts quickly and solution-oriented to our wishes, so that the cooperation is a pleasure. Also in the future we expect a successful cooperation with RocketExpo.

Jan Pundt, Sales, bela-pharm GmbH & Co. KG

Logo - bela-pharm GmbH & Co. KG

The bela-pharm GmbH & Co. KG is a family-owned company with 50 years of market expertise and is one of the most important suppliers of veterinary pharmaceutical products at home and abroad. In addition to sales, research, approval and production at the Vechta site are the main focus. Located in the Oldenburger Münsterland, they are part of the largest animal processing area in Europe.