Exhibition stand at the IMM in Cologne for Carat


IMM in Cologne


Kitchen construction

The stand design and trade fair concept

The aims of Carat's booth at the IMM 2020 included the acquisition of new customers as well as intensive and long-lasting conversations with established customers. To achieve this goal, the clean and tidy stand design was equipped with eye-catchers, such as the LED walls and the IT table, to focus the attention of the visitors to the booth. In this way, an inviting stand was created that invites you to stay.

The trade fair presentation

The Carat booth is an open stand with already existing elements, such as the IT table and the comfortable executive office. Based on these elements, we created an inviting and sustainable exhibition stand with combinations of B62 frames.

We were able to achieve the trade fair aim of acquiring new customers and caring for existing customers through the inviting character of the stand. The two LED trade fair video walls acted as visitor magnets and the IT table as a meeting point for trade fair visitors.

The illumination of the booth, the column conversion and the CI-compliant design complete the Carat trade fair appearance and are a real eye-catcher at the fair.

Thomas Schütz - Projektmanagement & Design - Team RocketExpo

Thomas Schütz

The IT table

At the heart of the open and inviting exhibition stand is the IT table, which invites interested parties and existing customers to stay. The table is designed in the simple corporate design of the company and the rest of the exhibition stand. Nevertheless, it immediately catches the eye of trade fair visitors due to its open stand design, its professional illumination and the spotlighting of walls and columns. The large, illuminated table with enough seats is used for staging the Carat software and impresses as an eye-catcher. Interested visitors can check out the kitchen planning software manufacturer's new products for themselves on the monitors of the IT table. Overall, the IT table supports the trade fair target of intensive and long-lasting discussions with interested persons and customers and also offers a visual highlight that enhances the entire trade fair stand.

IT-Table of Carat
Carat- LED Videowände

LED trade fair video walls

The Carat exhibition stand includes two video walls. On the one hand, a video wall is placed in front of the exhibition stand at the height of the stairs in order to attract the attention of the exhibition visitors even before they have reached the stand. The second video wall is positioned behind the IT table. Because of the open stand design and the high position of the LED modules, a good view of the LED wall is guaranteed even if there are many visitors to the stand. The high-resolution videos that are played there invite visitors to the fair to stay at the booth and the company's advertising message is perceived and internalized much more intensively.

Conclusion on the Carat trade fair stand

We are more than satisfied with the implementation of the Carat stand at the IMM 2020 and also according to the customer statement "once again everything was perfect". We are always very pleased about such good cooperation. In particular, the LED video walls and the IT table enabled us to achieve the specified trade fair aim.

From the Carat-Team a thank you to RocketExpo: The booth has become very good again. We were able to reach our target group, generate new leads and intensify customer contacts. The workstation area is particularly practical for our needs: large table areas allow us to advise smaller or larger customer groups very flexibly. But the LED video walls were also THE eye-catcher and attracted many visitors to the stand.

Jan Lohse, Senior Sales manager, Carat

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Carat is the market leader for professional kitchen planning software and offers kitchen planning at the highest technical level for maximum sales success for specialist kitchen retailers. Carat is represented in 70 countries with 140 employees.