Visitor measurement at trade fairs

Discover your visitors behavior and optimize your trade show performance

Performance data just like google analytics

With Event Metrics sensors from our partner ExpoCloud® detects automatically and GDPR compliant the behaviour of your trade show visitors. This data is available in real time in the Portal ExpoCloud® or in the Insights App. Key data, just like google analytics does in online marketing, of your entire exhibition stand, separate areas, like counters, meeting points or terminals, as well as individual exhibits.

  • Number of trade show visitors
  • Number of your exhibition stand visitors
  • How much time do people spend at your stand
  • Returning visitors

event metrics app

We make your live communication measurable

A small sensor and big data with comparable and articulate performance numbers of your trade show. Make a decision for new events based on data. You get up-to-date, agile and can strategically adapt your live communication campagnas to chancing needs in the market.

Score with answers

  • Which exhibit is more attractive?

  • Do visitors accept the exhibition stand design?
  • Which day and time of day are crucial?
  • Was the event at our exhibition stand a success?
  • Was the event relevant and efficient?


Costs for visitor measurement with Event-Metrics



Data set creation

49 €
per event

Setup of the event and connection to the Event-Metrics sensor.



Event-Metrics Sensor

149 €
per event day

Rental of the Event-Metrics Sensor per event day.


Explained: visitors detection in compliance with data protection


The event metrics sensors detect the flow of visitors based of the smartphones of the trade show visitors. It´ s not necessary to install a separate app. The sensors did not collect any personal data and transmit the detected data securely and encrypted to the ExpoCloud Insights App. The sensor only needs power and can be positioned flexibly. It detects the visitors in a radius of maximum 50 meters. A second individual radius is adapted to your exhibit or exhibition stand size.

event metrics