Virtual trade fair tour

A Virtual Trade Show Tour is a virtual tour through the animation of your real trade fair booth. The virtual tour through your animated trade fair stand can be created as live video or as video on-demand. The sequence of the virtual tour and the integration of video product presentation within the Virtual Trade Show Tour are done according to Storybook.

In 1-2 weeks, a virtual trade fair tour can be created with a template of your trade fair stand. You can make your virtual trade fair tour available as a live webinar and thus interactively involve your viewers and answer questions about product innovations live. A video on-demand on your company website can be viewed by your customers and prospects at any time. Additionally, you can send out your Virtual Trade Show Tour on social media or via newsletter to increase your reach.

Examples of virtual trade fair tours

Virtueller Messerundgang - Video 1


Virtueller Messerundgang - Video 2


Virtueller Messerundgang - Video 4




Functions of the Virtual Trade Fair Tour

The functions of the Virtual Trade Fair Tour are divided into two packages:

Standard: This package includes 3D animation of your booth and virtual tour video recording.

Professional: In addition to the functions from the standard package, we build video presentations into your virtual trade fair tour.

Prices for the virtual trade fair tour

The prices of the Virtual Trade Fair Tour depend on the package:

Standard: This package includes a video tour based on an existing design for about 1,000 euros

Professional: This package includes a video tour and 4 video integrations for about 2.000 Euro

1 - 2 weeks

Realization time

The realization time depends on the availability of the content (video, website, PDF, forms) and the virtual booth.

No interaction


The interaction depends on whether you design the Virtual Trade Fair Tour as a webcast only or also as a live webinar.

100 to 10000 participants


The invitation to the Virtual Trade Fair Tour is issued by you. The range is therefore dependent on the number of customers.

1000€ to 5000€


Die Kosten sind abhängig von der Anzahl der Video-Integrationen und davon, ob die Videos produziert werden müssen.

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