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A Virtual Showroom can be used as a standalone or extended version as well as a digital twin of a real showroom. In the latter case, the Virtual Showroom represents a copy of the real showroom and extends the sales opportunities in the online area. Not least due to the Corona crisis, the use and acceptance of Virtual Showroom and Event solutions has increased. We humans have become accustomed to looking around in virtual spaces, conversing with other people and have learned about the advantages of multimedia networking.

Advantages of the Virtual Showroom

  • The Virtual Showroom can be accessed by visitors 24/7

  • The Virtual Showroom can be seamlessly integrated into websites

  • The integration of existing digital content (e.g. websites, videos, whitepapers, etc.) is easy to implement  

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Variants of the Virtual Showroom

However, while the definition is based exclusively on the virtual environment, in reality several variants of virtual showrooms have developed that need to be distinguished.


The exclusively Virtual Showroom

This Virtual Showroom is created only in and for virtual space and has no real-world counterpart.

  • Companies are independent of the sizes of the premises. The size of the Virtual Showroom can be designed as desired without incurring higher rental costs.
  • The Virtual Showroom is significantly cheaper than a real showroom. Physical construction of the showroom, rental costs, manufacture or purchase of exhibits is not necessary.
  • Visitors have the opportunity to visit the showroom 24 hours a day.


The virtual showroom as a digital twin

This Virtual Showroom is created as a 1:1 copy of a real showroom and is considered a digital twin.

  • Unlike the real showroom, the Virtual Showroom is open around the clock.
  • The virtual platform also offers real sales staff the opportunity to show the customer the products.
  • Customers don't have to travel to see the latest products.
  • Humans can more easily store and remember knowledge related to a spatial perception.


The extended Virtual Showroom

This Virtual Showroom is a digital twin with extended functions to the real showroom.

  • The Virtual Showroom offers infinite floor space for displaying the entire product portfolio.

  • The costs of the Virtual Showroom are significantly lower than those of the real showroom: exhibits do not have to be purchased or produced

  • The extended Virtual Showroom can be published in addition to real showrooms, presenting additional exhibits that did not find a place in the real showroom.

But even if the real showroom already exists, the virtual showroom does not necessarily have to be a digital twin. Because when creating a virtual showroom, you don't necessarily have to stick to the specifications of the "real world".

New possibilities with the Virtual Showroom

  • The costs of a virtual showroom are significantly lower than those of a real showroom.
  • The cost of a real floor space is eliminated in the virtual world.
  • Even exhibits that are perhaps too large for the real showroom can be displayed in the virtual space.
  • Due to the independence of physical laws, the viewer can also fly in the virtual showroom and even view large exhibits from all angles.
  • There are no spatial limitations in the Virtual Showroom. The entire product portfolio can be displayed in the Virtual Showroom.

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