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A Virtual Booth is the Digital Twin of your real booth represented in the virtual world. Thus, the Virtual Booth is not present in reality, instead it takes place only in the simulation. The realization time of your Virtual Booth is about 1-4 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your booth. After the creation of the Digital Twin, you can present the Virtual Booth as a live webinar to your customers and prospects and interactively design the presentation of your new products on the Virtual Booth: Interaction with visitors is possible via the retrieval of info points, forms, chat bots and video tours. In addition, the Virtual Booth can be promoted as an on-demand video on your company website, in newsletters or on social media to increase its reach.

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Functions of the Virtual Booth

The functions of the Virtual Booth are divided into two packages:

Standard: Includes 3D animation and the creation of info points.

Professional: This package also includes a CRM, forms and chatbots, enabling lead generation and analytics.

Prices for the Virtual Booth

The prices are divided into the two packages:

Standard: Migration of the design and creation of 10 Infopoints for a period of 3 months for approx. 1.300 Euro.

Professional: Migration of the design as well as the creation of 10 infopoints, 3 contact forms and 1 chat client in an integrated CRM system for a period of 3 months for approx. 2,550 Euro.

1 - 7 days

Realization time

The realization time depends on the availability of the content (video, website, PDF, forms) and the virtual booth.

100 to 10000 participants


The interaction requires the integration of ChatBots, forms and live meetings. This is possible from the standard package.

From standard


Interaction is possible with the help of clickable info points. Besides texts, ChatsBots, forms, etc. can be integrated.

500€ till 5000€


The cost of a Virtual Booth depends on the level of integration and the degree of integration with CRM and CMS systems.

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