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The perfect exhibition counter - the most important characteristics

Wednesday, 13. November 2019
Von: Thomas Schuetz

Exhibition Counter of MSD

The function of an exhibition counter

I orientate the counter design to the demands of the customer. What size is required and what does my customer want to achieve with this counter. Is it a reception desk at the fair or a communication counter with a terminal station. There is a basic principle for counters at trade fairs: "Function results in form". We have often noticed that the most beautiful design is not very long-lasting, as they are usually planned too large, too heavy and too unwieldy.

The perfect size of a counter at trade fairs

It makes sense to plan counters in pallet sizes. A counter with 1m width has therefore an optimal size = 1 pallet (pallet size = 1200x800x120mm) and if you need a larger one, you can use a long pallet (pallet size = 2400x800x120mm). However, it should be noted that a 2m exhibition counter will again be too heavy to move. One-meter counters can be planned modularly, so that several elements of the same design make a large counter.

Practical storage tip:

Because we store the counters for our customers in our warehouse, it also makes sense not to plan beyond the pallet dimensions, as we do not want to occupy storage space unnecessarily in the interest of the customer.

Height of the exhibition counter:

From an ergonomic point of view, a counter height of 1100mm in the catering and bar area on the visitor side is the ideal height. The working height, also known as kitchen working height, is at best between 890mm and 930mm on the exhibitor side for consultants, caterers and/or receptionists. Thus, all these specifications result in the shape of the counter.


The logistical challenges of an exhibition counter

The counters should be planned in a way that they can be used several times, as they have high investment costs. It is economically sensible to plan a packing box on a pallet for each individual element. We have often experienced that exhibition counters without packaging boxes have half the life span of those transported in packaging boxes. An accumulation of counters is therefore also easier to manoeuvre and, with the same packaging units of the exhibition counters, the logistics in the truck is more efficient. Tip: The height of a truck must always be considered.

Transporting oversized exhibition counters:

This year I have planned an 8 m long modular exhibition counter with uniform packaging boxes. All elements could be shipped with one transport, because the packaging boxes of the counters were planned stackable.

Recessed handles at an exhibition counter:

Ideally, exhibition counters are planned directly with recessed grips that look good and make carrying and manoeuvring much easier. We have often seen that the counters get nooks and crannies very quickly and thus become unusable, which is annoying considering the rather high investment costs. We like to call the trade fair counter the business card of the trade fair exhibitor, especially when it comes to a reception counter of the trade fair presentation.

Exhibition Counter of müller co-ax


Exhibition counter - important storage space behind doors

With the width/depth we also pay attention to the function. Here is the question, what does my customer need. Does he need the counter for brochures, printers, PCs etc.? This determines the internal dimensions. It makes sense to plan the counters with doors. There are several door variants.


Exhibition counter with revolving doors:

The advantage is that the inner body or cabinet of a counter can be opened completely and each door can be locked individually. The disadvantage is that the doors open in front of the carcase. The customer can get stuck on them. The doors can then break out quickly. Care must be taken to ensure the maximum door width, which makes access to the stored material considerably more difficult. A planning disadvantage is that the doors rotate beyond the feet, so the base must be planned higher.

Exhibition counters with sliding doors:

Larger doors can be planned and it is not necessary to pay attention to an aspect ratio. The disadvantage is that only two elements can be locked with one push lock at a time. The inner body loses at least 50 mm through the sliding doors and the middle sides and shelves must be planned to be set back.

Exhibition Counter of the MHK Group

The plinth height of an exhibition counter

If I plan a counter with revolving doors, the plinth height must be at least 80mm so that the customer can turn and open the doors beyond his feet. The question is whether only feet or plinth adjusters are planned.

Plinth adjuster for exhibition counters:

For large exhibition counters or counters that are combined with each other so that I get a larger area, I need base adjusters to align the entire counter element in the scale. It is important to ensure that the plinth adjusters are extremely stable. When moving the counter, it can quickly happen that the high plinth adjusters break off quickly.

The feet of a counter at the fair:

These may basically be simple squared lumber or individual small boards (skids). With 1m counters, these are perfectly adequate, because the smaller the floor space, the less the height of the exhibition counter has to be balanced.

The base of an exhibition counter - basic consideration:

Height-adjustable plinth feet are perfect for levelling the counter, but space is lost in the height due to the use. My experience has shown me that it makes more sense to use less plinth height and take the plinth adjusters, they usually have a 5 cm installation depth.

Exhibition Counter of Olympus

Counter corpus - the inner values of an exhibition counter

The bottom of the inner body requires a cable passage hole in each compartment. The current points are planned and laid in the floor. Before the counter comes to its place, the end of a shock-proof cable must be passed through the cable passage and then the counter can be finally positioned. A 3, 4 or 6 socket outlet can then be installed in the counter body.

The shelves must be milled out and the cover of the counter must be planned again with a cable passage hole. This allows the cabling to be laid right up to the counter top. Electronic devices such as a PC, printer, charging cable etc. can be connected without problems. On top of the counter the power supply is guaranteed clean and accurate. Mobile phone, laptop, terminal, tablet or coffee machine are connected simply and conveniently.


Outstanding exhibition counters as eye-catchers

Following these guidelines, I can experiment with the shapes and creatively plan a striking exhibition counter. Any material can be used for an exhibition counter with eye-catcher. Plexiglas, wood, wood decor, PVC or metal, each material has a different effect. A logo with LED backlighting, a Plexiglas surface or even a trade fair counter with glass front are also possible. Even printed and backlit textiles can have an enormous effect on the entire stand. There are no limits to creativity in planning an exhibition counter.

Infos zum RocketExpo Blog Artikel Autor:

Thomas Schuetz

Thomas Schuetz

Thomas joined the RocketExpo team in 2015. The trained master carpenter and designer in the trade learned the trade fair business from scratch at the WWM and now manages his own projects as a passionate project manager. The more complicated and elaborate a trade fair stand construction is required, the brighter his eyes shine: With a high level of commitment he implements the wishes of the customers and still has an innovative idea for THE eye-catcher in his repertoire. In his free time you can see Thomas on the soccer field, whether as an active player or as a fan: ALEMANNIA Aachen-you never walk alone.

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